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Popular Destinations

Bursa Yenişehir Airport
Bursa Bus Terminal

Popular Destinations

Bursa Yenişehir Airport
Bursa Bus Terminal

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Bursa Airport Transfer
Bursa, where ruins can be found until about 7 thousand years ago and has a sacred place in many historical texts, nowadays fascinates with the alternatives our country has promised in winter tourism. Bursa, which Homer refers to as Mysia in his texts, has been the capital of the Ottoman Empire for a period, although it has hosted many civilizations. The city, which has a very valuable feature in terms of its location, is a natural beauty that lives with its cultural heritage, winter tourism, parks and historical symbol. Included in the World Heritage list by UNESCO, Bursa is always a center of interest in domestic and foreign tourism as it hosts natural beauties that almost everyone should see. Chestnut Candy, Iskenderi, Kemal Pasha Dessert, İnegöl Meatball and Gemlik Olive offer great alternatives in terms of food. The city, which makes a difference with Gölyazı, Mudanya, İznik Karacabey, Longoz Forests, Ulubat Lake, Ulu Mosque, Green Tomb and of course Uludağ, offers alternatives in terms of tourism in almost every field. Although there are many natural and huge parks in the city, the most interesting place is Uludağ, which has the unique feature of transforming the city into the country-wide capital of winter tourism. To experience a true winter tourism experience, Uludağ offers the chance to experience paradise on earth with its magnificent ski facilities and unique natural beauties.
If you want to take advantage of all the entertainment opportunities provided by Bursa in the Uludağ atmosphere, you can make a reservation by clicking the Bursa Yenişehir Airport Transfer link.

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