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Ordu Giresun (OGU) Airport

Popular Destinations

Ordu Giresun (OGU) Airport

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Ordu, where the touches of the waters of the Black Sea can be felt, is famous for its hazelnuts, but it is one of the rare cities that make a difference in our country with its natural beauties, the charming and glamorous geography of the north of Turkey, each corner of which is paradise, and the extremely friendly and hospitable people of the region. Located in Ordu, Ulugöl has a feature that enchants everyone with its magical appearance, especially in the autumn months, but also shows the paradise on earth of natural beauties that can only be encountered on postcards with the trees shedding their leaves in autumn. In these lakes region, which hosts many creatures, there are many natural lakes, large and small, offered by nature moments. The city, which offers a natural tourism, almost contains all the features of the Black Sea Region. Although snowfall is visible in the inner parts of the winter, the snow does not melt until May in the mountains located at high altitudes and provides a magnificent ambiance. Offering options for many activities such as plateau tourism, trekking and paragliding in the coastal regions, Ordu is always known as the center of attention of local and foreign tourists. The city, which is one of the components of many empires and states, is almost a cultural heritage due to its thousands of years of history. If you want to take advantage of the magnificent natural beauties, food, natural activities and cultural heritage of Ordu, you can make a reservation by clicking on Ordu Airport Transfer or Giresun Airport Transfer link.

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