Places to Visit in Bakirkoy

Places to Visit in Bakirkoy

  • Bakirkoy

Bakirkoy is one of the important districts of Istanbul and has roots dating back to ancient times.

Here are some highlights of Bakirkoy's extensive history:

Ancient Period: Bakirkoy began as a village established around the Byzantine city known as Byzas in ancient times.

For this reason, the history of the district is closely related to the ancient Byzantine Empire.

Ancient Buildings: Among the historical ruins around Bakirkoy, there are ancient structures such as  the Byzas Tumulus and the Ancient City of Bathonea.

Information about the ancient city of Bathonea.

The history of Bathonea dates back to ancient times.

It has been under the influence of many civilizations from the Hellenistic period to the Roman period.

The city was used as an important port and trade center until the 4th century AD.

Bathonea is located on the shores of the Sea of Marmara, near Yesilkoy, a quiet neighborhood of Bakirkoy today.

The ancient city of Bathonea was rediscovered with excavations that began in 2007.

Excavations are ongoing to better understand the historical and archaeological significance of the area.

The ruins and finds unearthed here bear the traces of antiquity.

Ruins: The ruins unearthed in Bathonea include the ancient harbor structure, fortifications, temples, and other structures.

In addition, ceramics, amphorae and other archaeological finds from antiquity have also been discovered.

If you are planning to visit, it is important to ask the local authorities or excavation teams about current information and visiting conditions.

Ancient ruins bear important traces of Bakirkoy's past.

Byzantine Period: Bakirkoy became an important region of the Byzantine Empire.

During this period, churches, monasteries and other religious buildings were built.

In addition, Bakirkoy was an important stopping point of the sea route during the Byzantine period.

Ottoman Period: After the conquest of Istanbul, Bakirkoy became part of the Ottoman Empire.

During this period, mosques, baths, and other Ottoman architectural monuments were built in the district.

Modern Period: Towards the end of the 19th century, Bakirkoy witnessed many reforms in Istanbul.

The processes of modernization and Westernization were effective in the city.

Bakirkoy has become an important trade center in Istanbul.

Republican Period: After the establishment of the Republic of Turkey, Bakirkoy continued to modernize as a district of Istanbul.

The city's infrastructure was improved, new buildings were built, and the neighborhood became an important district of Istanbul.

Present: Today, Bakirkoy is an important district of Istanbul and is home to many historical, cultural and touristic sites.

Activities you can do in Bakirkoy:

  • Ataturk Airport National Garden

Old Ataturk Airport, the old main Airport of Istanbul, is also located within the borders of Bakirkoy, and now Bakirkoy is waiting for you as the Ataturk Airport National Garden.

Ataturk Airport National Garden: Ataturk Airport National Garden, which is the fifth largest city park in the world and the largest in Turkey, will be operational on an area of approximately 2 million square meters when it is fully completed.

The construction of the first phase of Ataturk Airport National Garden, covering an area of 499 thousand square meters, has come to an end.

So far, 10,081 trees and 41,000 plants have been planted in the garden.

When all the works are completed, there will be playgrounds, tennis courts, basketball, volleyball courts, skate-skate tracks, social facilities, exhibition palaces, soup kitchen, libraries, public cafes.

Observation terraces, promenade areas and social areas where people can relax will also be created.


  • Walking on the Beach

Walking on the Beach: You can take a walk along the Bakirkoy Beach and the coastal road.

You can have a pleasant walking experience by taking fresh air by the sea.


  • Atakoy Marina

Atakoy Marina: Atakoy Marina is an attractive place for those interested in seafaring as an area with Luxury Yachts and Boats.

Here you can take a walk and enjoy the sea view.


  • Carousel Shopping Mall

Shopping and Mall: Carousel Shopping Mall is a popular place to shop in Bakirkoy.

You can shop in stores, dine at restaurants and have fun.


  • Bakirkoy Botanical Park

Botanical Park: Bakirkoy Botanical Park was opened in June 2013 on an area of 96 thousand square meters and is also home to Turkey's tallest game towers with 2 units of 11.50 meters.

At the entrance, visitors are greeted by talking dinosaur statues.

The water park and playground equipment, thematic gardens, medicinal plants, kitchen and garden plants are grouped in the status of a park aimed at entertainment and information for children and adults.

Bakirkoy Botanical Park meets its own energy with wind generators and solar energy panels

It allows people to learn about plants, each plant group has written names and Latin equivalents, and visitors are introduced to these plants.

Bakirkoy Botanical Park has 11 thematic gardens consisting of plant groups.

There are hundreds of species of trees, shrubs, annual and perennial plants in the park.

It is stated that the plants in the Botanical Park are around 262,500, and some of them consist of 40-50 year old trees.

In addition to the park part, it is a place where you can have a good time with your family in children's playgrounds, sculptures, natural ponds, ornamental pools, waiting areas for migratory birds, picnic areas and social facilities.

Golf carts are allocated to the disabled and the elderly in the Park.

They can get these cars for free and tour the entire park.


  • Veliefendi Hippodrome

During the Ottoman period, a land gifted to Seyhulislam Veliyuddin Efendi by Sultan Mustafa III has survived to the present day by going through a historical process.

Seyhulislam Veliyuddin Efendi built a recreation area on this land and built a mansion in it.

However, after the death of Seyhulislam Veliyuddin Efendi, in 1911, Enver Pasha turned this area into a hippodrome where horse races were held.

Today, the Veli Efendi Racecourse, operated by the Jockey Club of Turkey (TJK), hosts the Gazi Race, one of Turkey's most prestigious horse races, held in June and July.

Veli Efendi Hippodrome attracts the attention of horse lovers by hosting various horse races held throughout the year.

Veliefendi Hippodrome, which is famous worldwide, is located on a large land.

The hippodrome offers many facilities such as indoor and outdoor grandstands, training grounds for jockeys and horses, restaurants   and cafeterias.

There are also relaxing areas such as picnic areas, children's playgrounds, and gazebos for those who want to relax for those who want to visit the hippodrome.

If you want to visit Veli Efendi Hippodrome with your family and group of friends, you can be sure that you will have pleasant and unforgettable moments.


  • Ayia Triada Church

Ayia Triada Greek Orthodox Church: It is a historical church located in Bakirkoy.

Although the exact date of construction of the Ayia Triada Church is not known, some sources state that it was built in the 18th century.

Therefore, the history of the church has a very old past.


  • Greek Orthodox Community

Greek Orthodox Community: The church is an important center of worship and religious center for the Greek Orthodox community in Istanbul.

This church is used for worship, liturgy, and other religious events for those of the Greek Orthodox faith.

Architecture: Ayia Triada Church has traditional Byzantine and Orthodox church architecture.

The exterior of the church is simple and elegant, but the interior features religious artwork such as frescoes and icons.


  • St. John Armenian Orthodox Church

St. John Armenian Orthodox Church: It is a historical Armenian Apostolic church located in Bakirkoy.

The history of the church is a reflection of the presence of the Armenian community in Istanbul.

Date of Construction: The exact date of construction of St. John's Armenian Church is not certain, but it is thought that the church dates back to the late 19th or early 20th century. It is estimated based on the history of the Armenian community in Istanbul.


  • Armenian Apostolic Church

Armenian Apostolic Church: The church serves as an important center of worship and religion for those of the Armenian Apostolic faith.

The Armenian Apostolic Church is dedicated to St. John (John), who is considered a saint in the Bible.

Architecture, Design and Cultural Significance: The church reflects the design features typical of Armenian churches.

Traditional Armenian church architecture includes high conical roofs, round domes, and structures often built of stone.


  • Art Galleries

Art Galleries: Places like the Bakirkoy Municipal Art Gallery   can be an interesting place to visit for art lovers.


  • Cultural Events

Cultural Events: Concerts, theatrical performances, and other cultural events organized by Bakirkoy Municipality and locally provide opportunities to enjoy local art and culture.


  • Istanbul Air Force Museum - Istanbul Aviation Museum

In 1918, many German-made and decommissioned Aircraft, booty planes, aircraft equipment and parts were stored in warehouses at Yesilkoy Aircraft Station.

Yesilkoy Aircraft Station operated as an important training and headquarters center for Turkish Military Aviation.

During this period, the project to establish an "Air Museum" arose with the aim of exhibiting these valuable aviation assets.

For this reason, the Air Force Inspectorate of that period decided to establish an "Air Museum" in 1918.

However, the occupation of Istanbul after World War I and the closure of Yesilkoy Aircraft Station interrupted this project.

Some of the Aircraft were badly damaged at Maltepe Aircraft Station, where they had just been moved.

During the War of Independence, plans to establish an "Air Museum" had to be postponed.

However, the idea came up again in 1960.

An order issued in 1963 ordered the preservation of one Aircraft each in the existing units.

In 1966, the "Air Museum Organization" was established and on May 15, 1971, Turkey's first Air Museum was opened in Izmir - Cumaovası.

Over time, due to the decrease in interest in the museum and transportation problems, it was decided to move the Air Museum to Istanbul - Yesilkoy.

Construction work began in 1974 and was completed in 1983.

The Air Museum, which was restructured with the understanding of modern museolog, was opened on October 16, 1985 by the Commander of the Air Force, General Halil SOZER, under the name of "Istanbul Air Force Museum Command".

In Istanbul, which has been the cultural capital of Turkey since 1985, the Air Museum has been operating effectively without interruption.

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