Places to Visit in Cekmekoy

Places to Visit in Cekmekoy


  • Cekmekoy

Cekmekoy has a very deep-rooted history and the history of this region, located on the Anatolian Side, dates back to ancient times.


History of Cekmekoy


Ancient Period: Cekmekoy and its surroundings were under the influence of many civilizations in ancient times.

Historical ruins and finds from this period show that the region bears traces of antiquity.

Byzantine Empire Period: The region was part of the Byzantine Empire.

During this period, churches, chapels and other structures in the style of basilicas were built here.

The historical ruins of the Byzantine period have survived to the present day.

Ottoman Empire Period: The Ottoman Empire conquered Cekmekoy and its surroundings and incorporated these lands.

During the conquest of Izmit Castle during the reign of Orhan Gazi, this region came under Ottoman rule.

Under the rule of the Ottoman Empire, it continued to exist as a village that lived on agriculture and animal husbandry.

Modern Period: Cekmekoy became a rapidly developing suburb of Istanbul in the mid-20th century.

Population growth and urbanization process have caused the district to take its current form.

Process of Becoming a District: In 1994, it was one of the town municipalities of Umraniye.

It gained the qualification of a district with the Law No. 5747 published in the Official Gazette dated March 22, 2008 and numbered 26824.

With the elections of March 29, 2009, it officially became the new district of Istanbul.

Cekmekoy is considered one of the important districts of Istanbul.

It attracts attention with its historical and cultural heritage, natural beauties and rapidly developing infrastructure.

Since Cekmekoy is located on the Anatolian side of Istanbul,  it continues to develop continuously with the growth of the city.

Cekmekoy does not have as many museums and historical sites as other touristic areas, but there are still some historical places, parks and activities in Cekmekoy.

Let's take a look at these activities together.


  • Alemdag Surp Nisan Church

Alemdag Surp Nisan Church,  an Armenian church, is a part of the historical and cultural heritage of Cekmekoy.

You can visit this church of historical and religious importance.

Cekmekoy Recreation Area: This area is a suitable place for outdoor activities.

You can use it for cycling, hiking, playing sports or having a picnic.

Cekmekoy Forests: Many parts of the district are covered with forests.

You can explore these forests for nature walks and to enjoy the natural beauties.


  • Tasdelen Beach

Tasdelen Beach, Located in the Tasdelen neighborhood, this beach is a nice option to relax and enjoy the natural beauty.

Historical Fountains, There are several historical fountains in Cekmekoy.

You can examine the historical and architectural features of these fountains.

Horse Riding: You can do horse riding in some facilities in Cekmekoy.

Surrounded by natural beauty, horseback riding can be enjoyable.

Places to Visit in Cekmekoy

  • Omerli Village

Omerli Village has a very old history.

In the mid-1350s, Ottoman raiders were stationed as a vanguard unit, and after the conquest of Istanbul in 1453, it was a settlement center that became its home.  

The district of the Ottoman Empire in 1832, the district of Mahmut Sevket Pasha,  to which many villages were connected between 1920-1980, is the building where the Omerli Cultural Center is located today.

Between 1980 and 1999, it continued to exist as Omerli Village, and between 1999 and 2009, as Omerli Municipality.

Since 2009, it has been referred to as a neighborhood.

We can say that Omerli Village is not an old settlement or a historical place.

Since the people of Omerli Village are nomadic, it does not have a historical structure.

They lived by transportation and animal husbandry.


  • Omerli Dam

Omerli Dam is a dam built between 1968 and 1973 to provide clean drinking water to Istanbul through the Riva Stream.

Omerli Dam is one of the largest water sources in Istanbul with a water storage capacity of 220 million cubic meters.

The body volume of the dam, which is a body earthfill type, is 2,198,000 , its height from the water bed is 52.00 m, the lake volume at normal water level is 386.50 hm³, and the lake area at water level is known as 23.10 km².

It provides 180 hm³ of drinking Kutility water per year. 

Activities around Omerli Dam

Natural Beauties, are located in an area surrounded by greenery and full of natural beauty.

It is home to the natural beauties of the Omerli Dam and its surroundings.

The Omerli Dam is a large dam used to meet some of Istanbul's drinking water.

The reservoir and its surroundings are used as  a popular venue for activities such as hiking, picnics, cycling and fishing.

Fishing, Omerli Dam is known as an important place for fishermen.

Here you can catch different types of fish.

Camping, If you like camping, there are camping areas  around Omerli Village and Dam.

You can camp to enjoy nature.

Bird Watching, Omerli Dam and its surroundings  are an important area for bird watchers.

 You can observe different types of birds.

The natural surroundings  of Hiking, Dam and Omerli Village are a great place  for hikers, and the woodlands and hiking trails are suitable for those who want to take nature walks.

Omerli Village is a great option for those who want to escape the hustle and bustle of Istanbul and enjoy nature.

With its natural beauties, dam lake, hiking trails, and outdoor activities, it offers visitors a peaceful and natural experience.


  • Alemdag

Alemdag is one of the neighborhoods/villages of Cekmekoy, a district of Istanbul.

Alemdag, which has a deep-rooted history, has hosted historical and  different civilizations ranging from ancient times to the Byzantine Empire and the Ottoman Empire.

In the middle of the 20th century, it interacted with the growth of Istanbul.

Rock Tombs is an archaeological excavation site located in the Alemdag district, which includes historical Rock Tomb chambers from the ancient period.

The Rock Tombs contain Ancient Burial Chambers carved into natural rocks and surrounded by walls.

Information about Alemdag Rock Tombs


History: Alemdag Rock Tombs date back to the Byzantine Empire period.

These tombs may have been used by settlers or local people in antiquity.

Architecture: Burial Chambers are usually single or multi-chambered and contain stone sarcophagi or burial niches carved into the rock.

The walls are decorated with historical decorations and inscriptions.

Archaeological Significance, Alemdag Rock Tombs reflect the cultural and historical heritage of the region in antiquity.

Such tombs are an important resource for Archaeologists and Historians.

The visit, Alemdag Rock Tombs, is open to local and international visitors.

Visitors can tour the area to see these ancient burial chambers and learn more about the history.

Conservation, conservation and restoration of Ancient Tombs is important to ensure that the Historical and Cultural heritage is passed on to future generations.

Alemdag Rock Tombs represent one of the historical and archaeological riches of Istanbul.

These areas can be interesting places to visit for history buffs and archaeology enthusiasts.


  • Alemdag Pavilion and Alemdag Hunting Lodge

Alemdag Pavilion and Alemdag Hunting Lodge, Alemdag Pavilion is  a pavilion built in 1853 by his brother Sultan Abdulmecid for Prince Abdulaziz in the Alemdag promenade.

Sultan Abdulaziz was built in 1861 – 1876 as a two-storey masonry building on a high basement floor in neoclassical style designed by architect Sarkis Balyan.

The pavilion, which was burned and destroyed in a fire in 1940, was previously attacked by Armenians in 1895.

Sultan Abdulaziz was also interested in hunting when he was a prince, so he often went hunting in Alemdag.

When he went hunting, he needed to look for a place for himself to rest, and a Hunting Lodge was built in 1856 next to the pavilion he built in 1853.

The Hunting Lodge was built to rest when Sultan Abdulaziz went hunting during his princely period.

After his visit to Europe, Sultan Abdulaziz was impressed by the architectural structures in Europe.

Abdulaziz, who liked the external appearance and attractiveness of the buildings, had similar structures built.

He built palaces and mansions such as Ciragan and Beylerbeyi Palaces, which will not look like their counterparts in Europe.

 He worked as Architect Sarkis Balyan and his family in Dolmabahce, Beylerbeyi and Ciragan Palaces.


  • Kagithane Pavilion

As the Kâgithane Pavilion was restored in accordance with the first structure, the Hunting Lodges on the Rumeli and Anatolian sides were also built in the same period.


  • Alemdag Forest Nursery

Alemdag Forest Nursery was established on an area of 116 decares under the General Directorate of Forestry.

It grows saplings of coniferous species, especially coastal pine.

Its annual production is around 4 thousand to 5 thousand on average as bare-rooted, tuberous and various coniferous seedlings that have been repigated.

Potential activities that can be done and designed in Alemdag Forest Nursery:

Afforestation Activities, Alemdag Forest Nursery can be an important source of afforestation projects in the region.

Local people and volunteers can participate in sapling planting activities.

Educational Seminars, Organizing educational seminars on nature and the environment can be important to increase the environmental awareness of the public.

In these seminars, environmental protection, forest management and sustainability issues can be discussed.

Guided Tours, The Nursery can offer visitors the opportunity to explore the natural areas and surroundings more closely.

Organizing guided nature walks and nature observation tours can increase visitors' interaction with nature.

Children's Activities, Organizing fun and educational activities for children can help  children become aware of  nature and the environment.

Children can be encouraged to explore nature and develop environmentally friendly behaviors.

Tree Care, Tree care activities can be organized for the sustainability of the nursery.

In these activities, information can be obtained about pruning, watering and general maintenance of trees, and after being informed, they can be maintained.

Special Events, Organizing seasonal or special occasion events with Air Transfer Lines can be of interest to the local community.

For example, sapling planting events can be held on special occasions such as "World Forest Day".

It may vary depending on the type of activities at Alemdag Forest Nursery and the periods in which they are held.


  • Avcikoru Nature and Adventure Park


Avcikoru Nature and Adventure Park

Avcikoru Nature and Adventure Park: It was declared a nature park by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in 2011 and rented as a private enterprise.

It is a land of approximately 64,872 hectares and is named after the Avcilar Village near the village.

There are 2 natural lakes in Avcikoru.

Fully equipped glamping accommodation in Avcikoru, which includes heating and cooling systems, has started to attract attention in our country in recent years.

Glamping accommodation units built on wooden platforms will give our guests a different accommodation experience and excitement accompanied by lake views.

There are toilets, fountains, seating units, buffets, restaurants  and country restaurants in the park.

Vegetation and living fauna (Animal species): In the park, the vegetation generally consists of broad-leaved trees.

There are also species such as stemmed oak, sessile oak, Anatolian chestnut, Beech, hornbeam.

Among the shrub species, Blackberry, Medlar, Cranberry, Hawthorn, Heather, Rabbit Breast are seen.

Grass species include Nettles and Ferns.

The living fauna in the park includes Red squirrel, Hedgehog, Mole mammal species, as well as bird species such as Caucasian pheasant, Swift, Snake eagle.

Activities to do in Avcikoru


Picnic Area: There are picnic areas and barbecue units in Avcikoru where you can go with your family or friends and loved ones.

It is an extremely nice place where you can relieve the stress of the week and have a pleasant time for those who like to have a picnic.

Children's Playground: Children's playgrounds help children develop their physical skills.

Activities such as climbing, swinging, running and jumping during the game increase muscle strength and support coordination.

Playgrounds allow children to interact and develop their social skills.

It supports skills such as friendship, collaboration, sharing, and empathy.

On playgrounds, children increase their self-confidence and independence,  and they learn to take risks.

Avcikoru Nature and Adventure Park has playgrounds where you can leave your children with peace of mind.

With tent and caravan camping areas, tent camping, you can fully experience the sound, smell and view of nature.

If you are camping with your caravan, there is a caravan camping area by the lake to enjoy nature in Avcikoru Nature and Adventure Park.

There are 2 natural lakes in the park, you can park your caravan by the lake and brew with the peaceful smell of nature.

In Avcikoru Nature and Adventure Park, entertainment for adults is unlimited.

Avcikoru has Macerapark, Paintball, Survivor tracks, Inflatable playgrounds, Live foosball, Rodeo, Volleyball court, 2 km walking path and bicycle track for trekking (nature walking) for adults.

Avcikoru Nature and Adventure Park is a popular spot for those who want to spend time in nature, seek adventure, and participate in outdoor activities.

It provides visitors with the opportunity to enjoy nature.

In Avcikoru, it can be an escape point for families, groups of friends, nature lovers to collect pleasant unique memories and enjoy the day.


  • Tasdelen Forest and Recreation Area

Tasdelen Forest and Recreation Area is a popular destination for those who want to enjoy nature, hike, and organize outdoor activities in Istanbul.

The plant structure of the forest consists of Pine, Oak, Beech and Fir trees and the recreation areas in the forest are one of the ones that give the chance to have picnics, camping, barbecues and barbecues in the forest.

The real richness that highlights this beauty and beauty, which covers 800 acres of land, is the famous Tasdelen waters flowing from the fountains in the  depths of the forest.


  • Tasdelen Suyu

Tasdelen Water: The outlet points  of the famous Tasdelen water are several and are in the groves of Alemdagı Ciflik-i Humayunu.

It is rumored that it was named "Tasdelen" because the water flowing from the Stone Groove pierced the stone and emerged.

When Tasdelen waters quickly gained fame, they had important visitors.

It is stated that the Ottoman Sultan Mahmud II liked the taste of Tasdelen water and came here very often.

One of the important people who visited Tasdelen water privately is Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.

On October 10, 1932, Ataturk went to Uskudar by motor boat before Dolmabahce Palace and then to Sile by car  and was greeted with enthusiasm and cheers by the local people in  Sile.

On their way from Uskudar to Sile, they went up to Alemdag and came to the source of Tasdelen water, and the neglect and neglect they saw at the source of this beautiful water were affected by the situation and they were told to the Governor and Municipality Chief Muhiddin Bey who joined them in Sile.He mentioned this and expressed his desire to bring water to Uskudar.


  • Park Of İstanbul

Park Of Istanbul, which opened its doors to visitors in 2019, was established on a large land of 200,000 square meters.

The park serves as a nature pardise that offers a variety of activities.

There are various facilities in the park such as walking paths, bicycle tracks, picnic areas and resting points where you can relieve the tiredness of the day.


  • Pony Club

Located in the Park Of Istanbul, Pony Club offers a unique experience to visitors.

Here, there is a zoo, a large area reserved for equestrian sports and horse riding training, fun activities such as Adventure Park, Roller Coaster, Zeppelin, ATV riding.  

An ideal destination for families and groups of friends, the park offers a variety of amenities for accommodation, such as CLAY tents, cozy cafes, and delicious restaurants.

The zoo inside the Pony Club is home to more than 200 different animal species.

Equipped with special tables and barbecue areas for families and groups of friends, the park offers an ideal atmosphere for those who want to have a picnic.

Fun Moments Await You!

We anticipate that your time at Park Of Istanbul and Pony Club will be enjoyable and fun. :)

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