Places to visit in Kartal

Places to visit in Kartal


  • Kartal

History of Eagle, The historical development of Kartal can be traced back to the beginning of the 6th century.

Kartal is an eye-catching district with fertile soils, suitable climatic conditions, abundant underground water resources, and historical and cultural riches known for hosting a natural wonder such as Ayazma and Yakacik, which are famous for their natural beauty.

As a result of the excavations carried out in Yakacik, an important region of Kartal, historical artifacts belonging to the Byzantine period were found.

However, we do not have documented information about Kartal's pre-Byzantine past.  

Founded in the early 6th century, Kartal continued to exist as a fishing village bearing the name "Kartalimen" during the Byzantine Empire.

Suleyman Shah, the founder of the Anatolian Seljuk State, conquered a large part of Anatolia between 1075 and 1086.

Suleyman Shah took advantage of the throne fights  within the Byzantine Empire and expanded the lands, including Kartal, to Uskudar.

The Byzantine Emperor Alexios Kommenos, who ascended the throne in 1081, made an agreement with Suleiman Shah because he failed in the fight against the Seljuk Turks.

According to this agreement, the Drakon "Dragos" Stream was accepted as the border between the two sides.

This stream is a small water source that separates Maltepe and Kartal today and flows into the sea next to Dragos Hill.

This agreement determined the first border between the Turks and the Byzantines in Anatolia.

However, after the death of Suleiman Shah in 1086, the Byzantine Empire recaptured the Kocaeli Peninsula, including Kartal.

In 1097, when the Crusader armies besieged Iznik and clashed with Sultan Kilicarslan I, the Byzantine Emperor Alexios Komnenos moved to the area where Kartal was located and  established a headquarters that he called Palekanon "Maltepe".

During the Crusades, Maltepe became a transition zone between East and West.

During the Ottoman Empire, Osman Gazi and his successors generally focused their conquests on Byzantine lands.

After the death of Osman Gazi, his son Orhan Gazi won the Battle of Palekanon Maltepe in 1329 and added the lands of the Kocaeli Peninsula and Kartal to the Ottoman Empire.

Kartal was ruled as a sanjak of the Uskudar Governorate until 1908 and then  became a district of the province of Istanbul.


Places to visit in Kartal


  • Aydos Forest

Aydos Forest, It is a popular place preferred by those who want to get away from the stress of Istanbul.

Covered with pine trees, this forest offers a fascinating beauty with colorful flowers and green nature.

There are walking and jogging trails, picnic areas and breakfast places in Aydos Forest.  

You can take a walk in the Aydos Forest, which is known for its clean air, participate in sports activities or have a wonderful breakfast among the greenery.  

In addition, for adventure lovers, the opportunity to do Aydos Forest ATV Safari is also offered.

I recommend you to visit Aydos Pond in Aydos Forest, where you can enjoy nature and greenery.

You can take unforgettable photos and spend a pleasant weekend in this wonderful landscape.


  • Aydos Hill

Aydos Hill, It is the highest point of Istanbul with a height of 537 meters.

Aydos Hill, which is used as a recreation area, offers facilities such as hiking trails, picnic areas,  kiosks  and children's playgrounds.

On Aydos Hill, which takes on a different beauty in every season, you can have a picnic with your family in spring and summer or take a walk during all four seasons.

This natural wonder has a unique view and offers the opportunity to watch the magnificent beauty of Aydos Forest from this hill.


  • Dragos Hill

Dragos Hill: It is one of the most beautiful areas of Kartal, which is a natural protected area, covered with lush trees and with its deep blue sea.

The area where these summer villas are often located is famous for its scenery and night sky view.

You can enjoy the wonderful sea view in this area, which attracts attention with its natural beauty.

Dragos Hill takes on a different beauty in spring and summer, making it a must-visit place for nature lovers.


  • Kartal Beach

Kartal Beach, Kartal is famous for its 17-kilometer-long coastline, which is one of its most popular places.

This beach has a spectacular view and offers visitors the opportunity to take a walk and watch the best moments of the sunset.

In the cafes and restaurants on the beach, you can sit in the company of the deep blue sea and have a pleasant time.

  • Kartal Municipality Fairy Tale Museum

Kartal Municipality Fairy Tale Museum, opened its doors to visitors in 2017 with the concept, artistic vision and management of Sunay Akın.

Museology has been consciously created in the society with the efforts of Kartal Municipality, it has provided an opportunity for children to expand their dreams, develop their knowledge and skills, and has been turned into a place where people of all ages can come together and have a pleasant time.

The sculptures of fairy tale heroes in the museum offer a fairytale-like atmosphere to the visitors  and carry them to different worlds.

In this way, they not only have a fun trip, but also have the chance to have a cultural experience.

This museum project of Kartal Municipality is not only a cultural center, but also makes a valuable contribution to the cultural heritage of the society.

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