Places to Visit in Silivri

Places to Visit in Silivri


  • Silivri

Silivri is one of the districts of Istanbul and has roots dating back to ancient times.

The ancient name of Silivri was known as Selymbria or Selybria.

This ancient city had a strategic importance throughout history, especially because it had a natural harbor and was located on important trade routes.

Selymbria has been dominated by many different civilizations throughout history and has therefore been subjected to various cultural interactions.

Thanks to its natural harbor, it has played an important role in maritime trade, and at the same time, its location at the crossroads of land trade routes shows that the city is in an advantageous position in terms of trade.

Such strategic locations have contributed greatly to the development and sustainability of Silivri.

Its geographical location may have ensured that Selymbria had a strategic importance. Located on the shores of the Sea of Marmara, this ancient city has the potential to become a regional trade center by being located at the crossroads of maritime trade and land routes.

It is located between Silivri Selymbria, Marmara Sea "Propontis", Istanbul "Byzantion", Marmara Ereğlisi "Perintos".

In ancient times, Thrace was a region bordered by the Black Sea to the east, the Sea of Marmara and the Aegean Sea to the south, the Nestos River to the west, and the Tuna River to the north.

 As a result of archaeological excavations carried out in certain parts of Silivri, we see that it dates back to the "Perihistoric" period.

As a result of the researches, it offers an interesting perspective on the history of Thrace and the origin of Selymbria.

The fact that it has the same culture as ‘’Troia’’ shows the cultural connections of the region in prehistoric times.

In addition, considering that the word "bria" of the name Selymbria is related to the word "poli" (city or city) in "Thracian", it supports the assumption that the Thracians may have settled in this region around 1200 BC.

According to some accounts, Selis, a legendary founder of Selymbria, may have given the city its name.

Such legends were part of the stories told about the origins of cities in ancient times.

Therefore, it is possible to say that Selis has a symbolic role in the history of Selymbria.

Such information is important for tracing traces of prehistory and antiquity and understanding the cultural evolution of the region.

However, it should be noted that due to the lack of conclusive evidence on such issues, such information represents a period and is open to various interpretations.

The history of Silivri shows that it has a rich past shaped by the traces of various wars and civilizations.

Starting from the period of the Persian Empire and the Pelonese Wars, the efforts of the Athenians to conquer Thrace, the domination of the Byzantine Empire, the invasion of the Galatians and a series of events extending to the reign of Constantine (Constantine) have affected the history of Silivri.

Especially during the reign of Constantine (Constantine), the declaration of Byzantium as the capital caused the region to become an important part of the Byzantine Empire.

The annexation of Silivri to the Ottoman lands during the transition to the Ottoman period and the conversion of the Apokaus Church in Silivri Castle into a Mosque are also a reflection of this process.

In addition, during the Balkan Wars and the Second Balkan War, we see that Silivri was captured by different powers in various periods and was under Greek occupation during the War of Independence.

These processes reflect the strategic importance of the region and the various challenges it has faced throughout history.

Finally, the return of Silivri to Turkish Sovereignty after the end of the Greek occupation in 1922 constitutes an important turning point in this historical process.

These events offer important clues to understanding Silivri's rich and complex history.


Places to Visit in Silivri


  • Mimar Sinan Bridge

Mimar Sinan Bridge, its historical and architectural significance, offers an interesting story that sheds light on the past of the region.

Old Edirne Asphalt Located on the Old Istanbul Edirne road, this bridge was built in 1568 during the Ottoman period and the Silivri Stream was built on the river known as Suluklu creek at that time.

Designed with the unique talents of Mimar Sinan, Mimar Sinan Bridge has continued its existence as an important vehicle and passenger transfer point for more than 455 years

Its location on the old silk road helps us understand that this bridge has witnessed the transfer of armies, travelers and especially caravans loaded with silk and spices throughout history.

The architectural genius of Mimar Sinan enabled the bridge to go beyond just being a functional crossing point.

The design and strategic location of the bridge may have led to it becoming an important landmark not only for transport and transfer, but also for regional history and culture.

Even today, the fact that the bridge has stood for more than 455 years can be considered an example of Mimar Sinan's excellent engineering acumen and unique sense of aesthetics.

It played a strategic role in the Balkan War of the Ottoman Empire and has maintained this importance throughout history.

The bridge's design and strategic location may have led it to become an important symbol not only for transportation and transfer, but also for regional history and culture.

The fact that the bridge is 333 meters long and has 32 eyes has contributed to its meeting with history by preserving its architectural features.

The fact that it is currently open to pedestrian use only offers visitors a pleasant walking experience in an atmosphere that smells of history.


  • Fairytale Village

Fairytale Village,  which was put into service  in 2015 in Kinali, stands out as a recreation area intertwined with nature.

This facility, which is easy to transport and transfer, offers various opportunities to visitors with its green land, botanical garden, children's playground, zoo and activity areas, and provides the opportunity to spend a pleasant day.   

The zoo in Fairy Tale Village hosts a wide range of animals, from rabbits to roosters, from donkeys to Pony and Cidago, and offers the opportunity to have a nice day, especially for families with children.

There are also suitable facilities for visitors who want to taste the flavors of Turkish cuisine.

In addition, Fairytale Village, which offers the opportunity to collect beautiful memories for families and groups of friends, appeals to those who want to spend a pleasant day with the concept of being intertwined with natural beauties and participating in fun activities.


  • Selymbria Silivri Castke

The ancient name of Silivri Castle is known as Selymbria Castle.

Arkadius built the Castle of Selymbria to honor his wife Eudoxia.

In 479, King Anastasius built the Long Walls near Silivri.

This wall, built between the Sea of Marmara and the Black Sea, aimed to protect Selymbria and Byzantion against barbarian attacks from the west and north.

However, due to natural factors and neglect over time, very few of these walls have survived today.

Some pieces of Selymbria Castle and the City Walls are currently preserved and exhibited in the Istanbul Archeology Museum.


  • Silivri Horse Farms and Studs

Silivri is home to special facilities for Horse Breeding, Equestrian Sports and those who want to spend time in nature.

These resorts have become popular destinations among locals and visitors alike.

Silivri region Horse Farm specializes in horse breeding and training.

Here you can study equestrian sports and horse riding.

Equestrian Sports is an important activity in Silivri for those who are interested in equestrian sports, especially traditional Turkish sports such as horse racing and Javelin.

It is surrounded by nature walks, horse farms and studs, nature walks and natural beauty.   

You can enjoy nature by taking a walk in these areas.

Horse farms and studs in Silivri are a great option for those who are interested in equestrian sports and want to spend time in nature.   

Here you can do equestrian sports, take horse riding training and enjoy nature.


  • Silivri Municipality Exchange Museum House

Silivri Municipality Exchange Museum House is an important museum that bears the traces of the Lausanne Exchange.

The Treaty of Lausanne, signed in 1923 between Turkey and the Entente Powers, was carried out to determine Turkey's independence and borders.

It is named after the meetings held in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Silivri Municipality Exchange Museum House was established in cooperation with the Governorship of Istanbul and Silivri Municipality in order to emphasize the importance of Silivri in the Republican period and to make visitors experience this period.

The museum was built to strengthen the awareness of history, to pass on the difficulties experienced at that time to generations and not to forget our origins.

The Exchange Museum House is open to visitors free of charge between 10.00 and 19.00, six days a week except Mondays.

By providing visitors with a rich experience of the Lausanne Exchange period, it aims to pass on this important historical period to future generations.

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