Places to visit in Avcilar

Places to visit in Avcilar

Avcılar is one of the historical settlements of Istanbul and its history dates back to ancient times.

Here are some important things you need to know about the history of Avcilar:

Ancient Times: Avcilar was one of the important settlements in ancient times.

It is believed that the region dates back to prehistoric times.

During these periods, different civilizations dominated the region.

Byzantine Period: Avcilar was part of the Byzantine Empire.

During this period, there are various churches and historical ruins from the Byzantine period in the region.

In addition, some of the Byzantine walls are located in this region.

Ottoman Period: During the founding periods of the Ottoman Empire, Avcilar came under Ottoman rule after the conquest of Istanbul.

The area was surrounded by farms and villages, and agricultural activities were quite common.

Century: By the beginning of the 20th century, the population of Avcilar began to increase rapidly and a modern urbanization process took place.

The growth of Istanbul and the waves of migration caused Avcilar to change as well.

Today, Avcilar has become an important district of Istanbul.

Modern buildings, educational institutions, and shopping centers are common in this area.

In addition, the coastal region attracts attention with its sea view and natural beauties.

However, historical ruins and artifacts from the Byzantine period can still be discovered in the area.

Avcilar is a place that has witnessed the history of Istanbul and brings the past and the future together in a modern district.

Since Avcilar is located on the European side of Istanbul, it is located close to some tourist attractions, especially those that are considered part of the touristic activities in the city.   


  • Avcilar Beach

Avcilar Beach, Since Avcılar is located on the shores of the Sea of Marmara, the coastal area offers opportunities for relaxing walks, picnics, and enjoying the sea.

The cafes and restaurants along the beach are also ideal for dining with a view of the sea.

Water Sports: Avcılar Beach is an attractive place for those who are interested in water sports.

You can experience activities such as windsurfing, sea kayaking and sailing.

Avcılar Fisherman's Shelter, where it is possible to see fishing boats and spend time in an atmosphere intertwined with the sea.

For those interested in fishing, there are also options to join a fishing tour.


  • Istanbul Robot Museum

Istanbul Robot  Museum, On December 15, 2022, the Istanbul Robot Museum opened its doors as a unique combination of Turkey's cultural heritage and robotics technology.

This private museum serves under the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, General Directorate of Cultural Heritage and Museums and has the status of a private museum.

The Istanbul Robotics Museum exhibits the impressive robotics works carried out by AKINROBOTICS over the past 13 years since its establishment.

AKINROBOTICS started its robot development journey in 2009 with the robotics department of AKINSOFT.

In 2017, with the commissioning of AKINROBOTICS' humanoid robot factory, the Robotics Application Center completed its task and the exhibition of robots was transferred to AKINROBOTICS, Turkey 's first humanoid robot factory.

This factory was turned into an area where various circuit boards and components were exhibited, and the society had the opportunity to meet the science of robotics.

AKINSOFT & AKINROBOTICS was designed as a green building built with the mission of introducing robotics science to Istanbul.

This represents not only a building that can generate its own electricity and reuse rainwater, but also a center that introduces robotic technologies to Istanbul.

Istanbul Robot Museum was established in a total closed area of 1024m² and offers interaction areas and  the opportunity to communicate with social robots on 2 separate exhibition floors.

Visitors can examine 105 robots, 214 motors and engine parts, 805 electronic circuits, 442 mechanical products and 241 sketches produced and developed with expert guides, and have the chance to observe the historical development of a total of 8274 robotic products.  


  • Avcılar Hayrola Amusement Park

Hayrola Amusement Park, established by Hayrola Group in 2019 in Avcılar, offers pleasant moments to its visitors with its sensitivity to security and hospitable staff.

Hayrola Amusement Park offers a place where everyone from children between the ages of 0-6 to families, adults and groups of friends can have fun experiences.

In addition, restaurant and café areas and souvenir sections offer visitors the opportunity to have a pleasant time.

Bumper cars, Ferris wheel, gondola, ballerinas and many other fun play units invite guests to return to childhood memories. 😊😂❤️💕

Hayrola Amusement Park is an excellent entertainment center where people of all age groups can have a good time.


  • Avcilar Ataturk House Museum

Avcilar Ataturk House Museum has a magnificent view that embraces 5 acres of land and the sea.

It was designed as the exact same as the house of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, the Founder of the  Republic, in Thessaloniki.

In the garden of the museum, we recommend that the models of the buildings where the Erzurum and Sivas Congress were held and the Avcılar Ataturk House Museum, which has a beautiful appearance, should be at the top of the list of places to visit in Avcılar.


  • Avcilar Beach Park

Avcilar Beach Park is one of the most popular places in the district.

It welcomes its visitors early in the morning with its fresh air and peaceful atmosphere.

Those who want to relax in the fresh air can sit and relax comfortably through benches and picnic tables for visitors.

In addition, it offers an excellent option for those who want to have a picnic.

Avcilar Beach Park offers a relaxing environment with its natural beauties and calm atmosphere.

With its hiking trails and bicycle paths, it is a great choice for sports enthusiasts.

Avcilar Beach Park attracts everyone with different tastes and interests.

Thanks to its natural beauty and relaxing atmosphere, it appeals to visitors of all ages and interest groups.


  • Avcilar Marmara Street

Marmara Street is a point located in the heart of Avcılar and always attracts attention with its mobility.

The fact that it is closed to traffic has made this place a frequent destination for visitors.

Both sides of the street are lined with a variety of cafes, restaurants and shopping shops.

It offers visitors a wide range of options.

The cafes on Avcılar Marmara Street welcome their guests with their unique atmospheres.

Cafes that offer delicious coffee flavors for coffee lovers also stand out with snacks and light meals at any time of the day.  

Especially on weekends, this spot becomes a meeting point for young people and having a pleasant time.

It is possible to find local handicrafts, souvenirs, clothing, jewelry and many other products on Marmara Street.

Each shop's unique style and products enhance the shopping experience.

This dynamism of the street is not only a shopping and eating and drinking center, but also a social meeting point.

Visitors can not only shop here, but also meet friends, meet new people and have a good time.

Avcilar Marmara Street has become one of the favorite spots of both locals and visitors with the diversity, dynamism and energy it offers.


  • Torium Shopping Center (AVM)

Torium Shopping Center (AVM) is located on the E-5 highway in Avcılar, Haramidere.

Torium Shopping Center (AVM), built by Torunlar GYO, hosts domestic and foreign visitors with its service quality.

Torium offers unique content and events in shopping, food, cinema and entertainment.

Torium Shopping Mall, where distinguished brands are located, invites visitors to a fun-filled experience by organizing campaigns, events and competitions to increase the pleasure of shopping.


  • Snowpark

Snowpark, located in Torium Shopping Center (AVM), is a place where you can enjoy snow in all four seasons of the year.

In the snowpark you can go snowtubing, snowrafting, snowboarding, skiing, and take a stroll in the ice caves.

In the Snowpark, those who wish can also take ski and snowboard training.

In the center, which has all kinds of winter sports equipment, visitors are provided with boots, coats and gloves suitable for cold weather conditions, thus offering a comfortable experience to those who want to enjoy snow in all seasons.

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