Places to Visit in Sile

Places to Visit in Sile

  • Sile

The origin of the name Sile supposedly comes from Marjoram, a small-flowered and fragrant country plant.

However, throughout history, Sile has been given various names, such as Aschil, Philee, Artane and Kilia.

Research shows that the history of Sile and its surroundings dates back to the Paleolithic and Mesolithic periods, with the findings of tools made of flints found in some stream beds.

The first settled city in Şile was founded by the Miletus, probably a seafaring tribe, in the VIII century BC under the name of Philee.

In the same period, the Miletos established trade colonies on the Marmara and Black Sea coasts.

Traces of the Miletos were found in the Yali, Ucurumalti and Tavanli caves.

In ancient times, Sile was invaded twice.

The first invasion took place in 401 BC, and the second was made by the Roman commander Lucullus.

In the Anabasis of the Athenian historian and writer Xenophon, there is a mention of a huge cave in the vicinity of Sile, where he hid with 10,000 soldiers while fleeing from the Bitenler.

Throughout history, Sile was conquered by the Romans in the first century AD, after Lydia, Persians and Galatians.

When Christianity was under pressure, especially in the III century AD, some Christian groups fled from the Eastern Roman Emperor Diodetiadmdan and took refuge in caves near the villages of Kizilca, Inkese and Sofular.

The Ottomans determined Sile and the Mesothynia peninsula as target regions during the reign  of Osman Gazi and from time to time they sent raiders to this region and carried out looting and raids.  

Sile came under the full rule of the Ottomans in 1395.

With the accession of Sile to the Ottoman Empire, the region 1. It remained under Turkish rule for 500 years until World War II.

In 1920, in accordance with the Mudros Armistice Agreement, Sile came under the control of the British.

However, after the Turkish armies entered Izmir, it was liberated by the III Corps on 7 October 1922.

With the proclamation of the Republic in 1923, the first municipality was established in Sile, in 1924, when the sanjaks were made a province, they were connected to Uskudar, and in 1926, Uskudar was  turned into a  district and  connected to the province of Istanbul.

In 2004, Sile was included in the borders of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality.


Places to Visit in Sile


  • Weeping Rock

Crying Rock, one of the favorite natural wonders of Sile, is located within walking distance of the town center and offers a unique experience for photography enthusiasts.

Located on the Black Sea coast, this impressive rock formation is based on a legendary love story and is unique with an enchanted atmosphere, especially at sunrise and sunset.

While the Crying Rock stands out with its magnificent view, you can collect unforgettable memories with the photos taken during these hours.

Surrounded by its silence and natural beauties, Crying Rock has also become an ideal route for trekking enthusiasts.

Lovers of nature walks can choose to explore the beauties around this unique rock formation.

The small beach of Crying Rock with fine sand attracts attention with its azure waters, offering visitors the perfect setting to cool off and relax.

Swimming at this scenic beach allows you to have an unforgettable experience among the impressive rock formations.

The Weeping Rock fascinates its visitors not only with its natural beauties but also with its legendary story loaded with meaning.

This symbolic natural wonder of Sile stands out as a destination worth exploring for local and foreign tourists.


  • Sile Castle

Sile Castle, an impressive historical richness located on the exploration route of Sile, is a destination we recommend you to see.

Built during the Genoese period on the huge rock mass on the Black Sea coast, this small castle was used by  the Byzantines and Ottomans for surveillance purposes and has been restored in accordance with its original today.  

Sile Castle offers an unforgettable experience, especially at sunrise and sunset, integrating with the fascinating view of the Black Sea.

Sile Castle,  which  has a height of 12 meters and is designed for 20 people, gives visitors the opportunity to take a journey to the past with its atmosphere that smells of history.

Since the castle is intertwined with the sea, it is also possible to explore its surroundings with boat trips.

In addition, you can see the underwater riches of the Black Sea up close with the dives around the small islands.

Sile Castle is a unique destination for history and nature lovers, offering both a cultural excursion and an experience full of natural beauty.

Opening the doors of this historical treasure on your trip to Sile is a great opportunity to collect unforgettable memories by breathing the unique atmosphere of the Black Sea.


  • Sile Karacakoy and Karacakoy Beach

Standing out with the peaceful atmosphere of Sile and an ideal destination for nature lovers, Karacakoy offers an unforgettable day to its guests with its fascinating beach and calm village atmosphere.

Karacakoy has been home to many civilizations throughout history, from the Hittites to the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman periods.

The village takes its name from Karaca Ali Bey, one of the famous commanders of the Ottoman period.

This richness of history offers a historical heritage worth seeing with the cisterns, baths, churches and castle ruins from the Byzantine and Ottoman periods around it.


  • Karacakoy Beach 

Karacakoy Beach stands out as one of the impressive natural beauties of Sile and is known as one of the beaches with the calmest, waveless sea around.

This private beach, with its blue waters, offers an atmosphere like a natural pool and gives visitors a peaceful experience.

Spending time on this peaceful beach during the day offers an ideal opportunity to explore the natural beauties of Sile and enjoy the sea.

Karacakoy Beach, which draws attention with its clean and clear waters, provides an environment that offers serenity and pleasure to its visitors.

Karacakoy Beach stands out as an ideal destination for those who want to spend a pleasant time intertwined with nature.


  • Sile Hacilli Village

Hacilli Village stands out as an ideal destination for those who want to explore the natural beauties of Sile.

Surrounded by lush streams flowing with cool waters, large and small waterfalls, recreation areas and camping areas, Hacilli Village offers an enormous natural area.

Located 30 kilometers from the center of Sile, this village  is home to unique natural wonders such as Hacilli Waterfall and Gurlek Cave.

Hacilli Village has become one of the favorite destinations for day trips by preserving its peaceful and calm atmosphere.

It is possible to explore the natural beauties of the village with trekking tours and photo safaris organized throughout the year.

It is an ideal getaway for those who want to spend a peaceful day away from the modern world.

Centuries-old houses with wooden and stone architecture reflect the unique character of the village and provide the opportunity to capture unforgettable photo frames.

Hacilli Village offers a unique experience to those who want to enjoy nature by getting away from the chaos of city life.


  • Sile Cloth Handicrafts Center

Sile Cloth Handicrafts Center is a place that is famous for the natural beauties of Sile and also stands out with its traditional handicrafts.

It was established with the cooperation of women's cooperatives.

It offers visitors the opportunity to see the production processes of Sile cloth and to examine various products made from this special cloth.

Sile Cloth is a sturdy fabric produced with a special weaving techniques and this center was established to ensure the continuation, promotion and protection of this traditional handicraft.

Visitors to the center can see step by step how the cloth is produced, watch the weaving processes, and learn the intricacies of this traditional art.

In addition, among the products exhibited and offered for sale in the center, there are various handicrafts made of Sile cloth, clothing items, home decoration products and souvenirs.

Visitors can browse through the handcrafted products and find special and unique pieces for themselves or their loved ones.

Sile Cloth Handicrafts Center plays an important role both in supporting the products produced by the handicrafts of the local people and in introducing traditional Turkish handicrafts to visitors.

Visitors to this center can have the opportunity to explore the rich cultural heritage of Sile more closely, while at the same time purchasing special and meaningful gifts.


  • Sile Public Beach Ayazma

Sile Public Beach, also known as Ayazma Beach, is overflowing with visitors who are overwhelmed by the heat in the summer season.

With its golden sand and long coastline, it is a special place that does not look like the beaches of Antalya and Bodrum,  

It is one of the most popular beaches of Sile with a blue flag award.

It also draws attention with its clean sea.

With a length of more than 1.5 kilometers and a width of 50 meters, the beach stands out as an ideal place to enjoy the sea and the sun.

A wide range of services awaits you on this beach, which has rich facilities from touristic facilities to cafes and restaurants.

If you want to enjoy a safe sea for families with children and groups of friends, Sile Public Beach is for you.

The fact that the facility provides lifeguard service all day long is an important factor in ensuring your water safety.

You   can have a fun day with many sports activities such as snorkeling, parasailing, windsurfing, sailing and canoeing.

In addition, you can use the beach in the center of Sile free of charge.

If you are going to Sile from Istanbul, you can easily reach this beautiful destination by evaluating the private transfer vehicle options.


  • Sile Gurlek Cave

Gurlek Cave is not only one of the many caves famous for its natural beauty and historical riches, but it is also an invitation for speleologists, nature travelers, adventure seekers, and  those who like to get away from city life and spend time in nature!

Discovered by chance in 1985, this cave offers visitors a unique nature experience with its completely natural stalactites, stalagmites, ponds and dripstone basins formed over thousands of years.

Gurlek Cave is located within the borders of Sile Hacilli village, which is famous for its Blue Flag Beaches.

This enormous cave fascinates not only nature lovers, but also photography enthusiasts.

If you want to spend an unforgettable day and immortalize these memories, plenty of beautiful photo opportunities are waiting for you.

However, cave visits not only collect pleasant memories, but also require acting in accordance with the principles of nature protection and sustainable tourism.

Cave systems can contain potential hazards such as narrow passages, height differences, and puddles.

For this reason, it is extremely important to be accompanied by a guide and follow the safety rules on your cave trips.

If you plan to go deep into Gurlek Cave, be sure to go with an experienced guide, use the necessary safety equipment, and get permission from the local authorities before entering the cave.

In this way, you will not only make a unique discovery of nature, but you will also fulfill your responsibility to protect nature.


  • Sile Lighthouse

Sile Lighthouse is one of the masterpieces that have survived from the Ottoman period to the present day.

It was built by Abdülmecid I as a result of the concession given to the French in 1859 and was built by French engineers on the ruins of the old Byzantine castle.  

Located on the cliffs 60 meters above sea level, this magnificent structure has a 110 cm thick knitted stone tower.

The octagonal tower of the lighthouse is 19 meters high.

This impressive lighthouse, which hosts magnificent views, especially at sunrise and sunset, is one of the tallest lighthouses not only in Turkey but also in Europe.

In addition to guiding ships with its 30 kilometers of light, it is also a fascinating attraction for photography enthusiasts.

It offers the opportunity to observe panoramic sea views starting from the steep cliffs around Sile Lighthouse and extending to the Bosphorus.

You can take a pleasant evening walk around the Sile Lighthouse and have the chance to examine many antiques and objects related to the history of shipping in the small museum inside the lighthouse.

This historical building, which is one of the symbols of the district, offers visitors both a visual feast and an important perspective on maritime history.

List of Places to Visit in Sile

We have only offered a few suggestions for exploring the uniquely beautiful natural and rare places of Sile, but there are many other places worth visiting.

If you're thinking of visiting Sile, it's important that you don't miss out on these tremendous natural beauties. Here are a few suggestions, just to name them:

1.            Agva and Agva Beach                                        

2.            Agva Lighthouse

3.            Kadirga Bay

4.            Agva Creek - Goksu Creek

5.            Kilimli Bay

6.            Sile Sakligol

7.            Darlik Dam

8.            Hacilli Waterfall

9.            Kurfalli

10.          Agva Lovers Road

11.          11. Valley of the Lakes

12.          Karamandere

13.          Kabakoz Village and Kabakoz Beach

14.          Sardala Bay

15.          Ulupelit Village        

16.          Degirmencayiri Waterfall

17.          Kalemkoy

18.          Sarikavak Castle

19.          Hanıimsuyu Fountain

20.          Kumbaba Beach and Kumbaba Hill

21.          Sile caves

These places are just a few examples that best reflect the natural richness and unique atmosphere of Sile.

But remember, this list is just the beginning to discover the real beauties!

If you are planning to go to Sile, you can prepare yourself for an unforgettable nature adventure by getting suggestions from experts.

Get ready to explore Sile, because this beautiful place will fascinate you!

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