Places to Visit in Umraniye

Places to Visit in Umraniye


  • Umraniye

The first settlement around Umraniye was carried out by the Phrygians.

It is thought  that the Phrygians considered pine trees sacred and equipped the region from Camlica to Alemdag and Kayisdagi with pine trees in line with these beliefs.

Due to its suitable climate, Umraniye has become almost a corner of paradise, covered with lush forests.

Later, the Romans and Byzantines took control of the region over time.

According to historical records, Harun Resit's armies advanced as far as Uskudar in 782, but he was defeated by the army of the Byzantine Empress Iren and had to retreat and had to pay an annual gold tax to the Byzantines.

It is known that the area where Umraniye is located changed hands between the Byzantines and the Muslims.

The Danismentogullari secretly  infiltrated the Byzantine lands and  built a castle in Alemdag.

The Muslims, led by Sultan Turasan in the castle, fought against the Byzantines, but when they could not get the help they expected from Anatolia, Turasan was killed here.  

The Seljuk Empire, on the other hand,took Iznik and made it its capital.

With the establishment of the Ottoman Empire, the lands of Umraniye came under Ottoman rule during the reign of Orhan Gazi.

At the beginning of the 17th century, the region, which was dedicated to Sheikh Aziz Mahmut Hudai by the Ottoman Sultan Ahmet I, remained connected to Uskudar as a town up to Bulgurlu during the Republican period.

After the Balkan War, the first settlers in Umraniye were immigrants from Batumi, Yugoslavia and Bulgaria.

For this reason, Umraniye was called "Muhacirkoy" for a while.

Umraniye remained in the status of a village until 1960, and after it was declared an Organized Industrial Zone, it received intense immigration.

Umraniye, which is connected to Uskudar, became a district in 1987.

Despite being one of the fastest urbanizing and rapidly growing districts of Istanbul, Umraniye has largely preserved local cultures.


Places to Visit in Umraniye


  • Umraniye Trabzon Park

Umraniye Trabzon Park is an ideal route for those who want to get away from the stress of city life.

This natural spot offers a calm and peaceful atmosphere within the forest, allowing you to escape the sweltering noise of the city.

You can have a picnic in the large green areas in the park and take pleasant walks in the company of nature and bird chirping.

In the facilities, you can relax and sip your coffee or enjoy delicious food in the restaurants in the park.

It offers an unforgettable visual feast in the park and the environment that attracts attention with the unique architecture of Trabzon Park.

You will have the opportunity to explore different cultures and have a unique experience by observing the beauties of Trabzon houses.

By coming together with your family and groups of friends, you can have a pleasant time in Trabzon Park, enjoy nature and collect good memories in the peaceful environment offered by this special place.


  • Umraniye National Garden

Umraniye National Garden opened its doors to visitors in 2021 and has gone beyond being a regional attraction center in a short time.

This enormous area is spread over an area of 330 thousand square meters and stands out with its walking tracks, bicycle paths and nature-friendly natural gas barbecues.

The parking lot with a capacity of one thousand vehicles, where visitors can safely park their vehicles, contributes to a practical and comfortable visit to the national garden.

Many facilities such as football, basketball, and volleyball courts, clubhouse, sports facility, Academy Ümraniye Youth Workshops bring sports and art together.  

In addition, it offers a content enriched with various activities such as 10 playgrounds, 6 sets of sports equipment, adventure park, observation tower, mini golf course.  

The restaurants, cafeterias, buffets and orchards in various parts of the National Garden offer visitors a pleasant rest and taste break.  

Many details such as the tree species exhibition area growing in Istanbul, 45 bird houses, bicycle stations, pancake unit, meat sales unit, men's and women's prayer rooms, toilets and marble fountains,  National Gardento provide visitors with a comprehensive experience.

The garden, which also takes precautions in terms of security, is protected by security cameras that can be monitored 24 hours a day.

The sound barrier supported by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization also increases environmental comfort.

Umraniye National Garden continues to provide visitors with unforgettable moments with its wide range of facilities and design intertwined with nature.


  • Lovers Hill & Dudullu Hill

Dudullu Hill, known as one of the highest hills of Istanbul, offers a bird's eye view of Istanbul with its magnificent view.

For this reason, Lovers Hill is a destination that should definitely be added to the list of Places to Visit in Umraniye.

Places to Visit in Lovers Hill Umraniye

You can take great photos on Dudullu Hill where you can collect pleasant memories with your family or loved ones.

 It is possible to breathe in the fresh air with a walk by the lake and to experience the beauties of nature to the fullest.

In addition, you can enjoy the moment by relaxing in the social facilities on the hill, eating a delicious meal and sipping your tea and diving into the breathtaking view of Istanbul.

Dudullu Hill awaits visitors who want to have a good time and collect good memories.

Watching the panoramic beauties of the city with a cool breeze in nature makes this region special.

Dudullu Hill offers visitors an unforgettable experience not only with its view but also with the peaceful atmosphere it offers.


  • Hekimbasi Hunting Lodge

Hekimbasi Hunting Lodge is also known as Sultan Abdulaziz's Hunting Lodge or Yusuf İzzettin Mansion.

It was built by Hekimbasi Kucuk Hayrullah Efendi, who lived between 1817 and 1866, by architect Sarkis Balyan.

The mansion was designed in the Renaissance style and has an unusual architectural feature for Istanbul.

With a total construction area of 1200 square meters, the building consists of two sections with 2/3 floors and a 4-storey stair tower with a height of 20 meters.

The most striking element in the pavilion is this stair tower.

Hekimbasi Hunting Lodge  is located as a large farm residence structure  at the height between fish Creek and Hekimbasi Creek.

Just behind the mansion are farm buildings with a central courtyard.

However, over time, the pavilion, which was between different structures,  was almost plundered by the dismantling of elements such as floor coverings, wood joinery and cut stones.

The 1st stage works of the mansion, which was restored by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality in 1999, were completed in 2001, and then the works, which were interrupted for a while, started again in 2005.

Hekimbasi Hunting Lodge, which was completely renovated after 7 years of restoration works in total, reopened its doors to visitors in 2006.

Thanks to the restoration, the mansion has successfully achieved its purpose of preserving cultural heritage and presenting it to visitors by bringing the glory of the past to the present.


  • Cevher Aga Mosque and Cevher Aga School

Cevher Aga Mosque and Cevher Aga School were built in 1987 by Cevher Ağa with the help and order of Sultan Abdulhamid II.

The mosque has a barrel vault dome on the inside and a wooden roof on the outside.

The dome rests on four arches and straight corner trumpets.

The outer surface of the mosque is covered with granite stone.

The mihrab receives light from four windows and is attached to the wall in the form of niches.

The mosque, which could not keep up with the development of Umraniye over time and was insufficient, was expanded to the right in 1962 and enlarged to the level of the school.

With this expansion, a plaster mihrab was added  and the mosque was made  with two mihrabs.

A preacher's pulpit was placed inside the first altar, and the wooden pulpit was moved to the new section.

Also known as the Umraniye Mosque, this mosque with a single minaret and a single balcony has evolved both aesthetically and functionally with the additions made over time.  

This mosque, which stands out with its historical and cultural importance, continues to serve as an important worship and social center for the people of the region.


  • CanPark Shopping Mall

Located in a central location on  the Anatolian side of Istanbul, CanPark Shopping Center works devotedly to meet the shopping, socializing and common area needs of its visitors  with a full-capacity service approach.

CanPark Shopping Mall aims to provide pleasant moments to its visitors with the concerts, various activities and fun and educational children's activities it has organized since the first day.

Standing out with its proximity to the Business and Financial Center in Umraniye, CanPark Shopping Mall is located in a location that is easily accessible from every point of Istanbul.

In addition, it is located only 15 minutes from both main bridges.

The shopping mall, which is located on the Uskudar - Cekmekoy Metro linecan be easily reached by public transportation and private transfer vehicles.

The shopping mall provides fast access and time savings to visitors with its parking lot with a capacity of 2,000 vehicles.

On an area of 40,000 m², it hosts distinguished brands with more than 130 national and international stores.

CanPark Bowling, which is preferred by young people and adults, can serve 64 people at the same time on 8 game lines with its Qubica-AMF 90XLI Edge infrastructure, which is one of the highest quality bowling brands in the world.

CanPark Bowling offers visitors a fun experience by making the waiting times short and enjoyable during the game.

CanPark Cinemas offer a comfortable movie viewing experience with world-class advanced cinema techniques.

There are 12 movie theaters with a capacity of 1,330 people, 2 halls with Dolby Atmos surround sound systems and 4 3D halls.

CanPark Cinemas hosts many premieres as well as vision films.

CanPark Shopping Mall adopts the mission of being a shopping center that aims to make a difference and superiority in its sector, offers a unique living space to its visitors and is integrated with its region and country.


  • Akyaka Park Shopping Center Shopping Mall

"AKYAKA PARK SHOPPING MALL", which is located at the key point of Umraniye, the shining star of the last period as the financial center of the last period, within the body of the Savings and Reconstruction Bank (TMSF), opened its doors to visitors in May 2016 and started to serve.

AKYAKA PARK AVM, which stands out with its image of "The Most Peaceful Shopping Mall"  by hosting approximately 5 million visitors a year, continues to be the center of entertainment as well as pleasant shopping.

AKYAKA PARK SHOPPING MALL serves with a combination of domestic and foreign brands, taking into account the demands of its visitors.

It is not only a place for shopping, but also a place where families have a pleasant time with their children.

AKYAKA PARK, which makes optimal use of daylight with its spacious architectural design, offers a different line in the retail sector with social responsibility projects and concerts as well as events.

On the bright "Food Court" floor, where daylight prevails, an average of 4 thousand people are hosted daily in noon traffic.

AKYAKA PARK SHOPPING MALL, which is one of the important frequented points of white-collar workers, especially in the region that is the financial center, draws attention not only with its shopping but also with its social activities and projects.

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